Hammertoe Treatment Help Get Feet Back To Normal

Do you need a "toe" realignment?

Getting one's tires realigned every few months is just one way that millions of individuals properly maintain their car. Ironically, many people also need their toes realigned. This is due to painful, disfiguring condition called hammertoes.

Hammertoes are toes that curl and develop corns and calluses. At times they can be very painful and create problems wearing shoes and even walking. The correction for hammertoes can require something as simple as changing the type of shoes one wears or as complex as surgical intervention. For Peggy Thompson, recent patient of Patrick W. Mullen, D.P.M., surgery was her only option.

"When I first walked into Dr. Mullen's office I could hardly walk," says Peggy. "My toes were crossing and not aligned properly. I couldn't wear any shoes either because my toes were pointing up in the air. I was in total pain."

In addition to the hammertoes, part of the reason for Peggy's pain was due to a prior surgical procedure she had that involved the implantation of metal screws and rods in her feet. This "hardware" was supposed to help in realigning Peggy's problematic feet; however, immediately after surgery all her toes started moving and crossing over. In addition, the screws that were used were too long and ended up coming close to puncturing through the bottom of her feet.

"It felt like I was walking on nails," says Peggy. "I looked in the Yellow Pages and I found Dr. Mullen."

After the first meeting with Peggy, Dr. Mullen immediately noticed all the hardware implanted in Peggy's feet were not functioning properly. He scheduled a prompt surgical intervention on Memorial Day weekend that took transferred tendons to realign the hammertoes. Dr. Mullen also removed the metal structures. After only a short recovery period, Peggy was walking again.

"I'm walking three miles a day!" says Peggy. "I was limping when I went into his office. He's like my angel."

Dr. Mullen is Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery and is familiar with all the latest invasive and non-invasive methods to correct any imbalances and realign your toes.

Treatment for hammertoes can consist of:

  • Trimming and/or padding/corns
  • Orthotics (inserts in shoes to correct improper walking)
  • Injections to relieve pain and inflammation

Dr. Mullen offers hammertoe surgery only as a last resort to pain. He also offers treatment for all foot problems including bunions, ingrown toenails and neuromas. If you are experiencing any of these foot conditions, please call Dr. Mullen's office today at (559) 435-0220. Most insurance accepted.

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